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Welcome to Carol is a Yazak user's Forum

Post by carol » Sat Oct 21, 2000 12:01 am

Welcome to my Forum Everyone
I will be working hard to get it filled with information so please check back..You can ask a question Or Just look for Help here..You can find Yazak and Yahoo messenger help here as well as computer help..I will be listing all the computer help i can find also adding links to great help sites/forums others have from the help room.. I look forward to talkin to you all on the forum

In case you havent guessed I am a Yazak user..Yazak is a Chat Client not made by Yahoo but connects through Yahoo..Yazak is less bootable and has more features than Yahoo Messenger does and Your Yahoo Friends list will Come along with it...In Yazak we call em Buddies..A great feature Yazak has is Alerts so when some one types to you in the room you will be alerted to it :D
All I can say is if your not in a chat client you should be..
Visit my website http://www.carolisayazakuser.com


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