If your looking for a virtual camera

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If your looking for a virtual camera

Post by carol » Wed May 25, 2005 3:48 pm

(Quote) hi carols thanx for your help... and i'd like to share my discovery... I had found what i really needed... it is called the "virtual camera" it installs just like the ordinary webcam with drivers... after installing it you can find it already in the list of cameras in your Yahoo Messenger... and as written in the home page of virtual camera it also works with the other instant messenger programs... I hope that this would be of help to others who would also need a virtual camera like me... the link is
http://www.kolabora.com/news/2004/04/16 ... ur_own.htm
Unregistered version VirtualCamera has some feature limitations such as:
- Shows company logo on top left corner
- Turns gray after 10 seconds
- Movie freezes after 2 minutes (depends on movie frame rate)
- Plays up to 10 movies after every Windows new start
(You can restart Windows to play other 10 movies again)
VirtualCamera is shareware.
If you like what it offers its registration cost is only USD $ 29.95
Carol @ www.carolisayazakuser.com
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