Scientists confirm existence of

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Scientists confirm existence of

Post by zg129 » Tue May 17, 2016 2:21 am

<p>You know that smell in retirement homes and your grandmother house? Mothballs and stale air may not be entirely to blame.</p>
In a new study, researchers have confirmed for the first time that older people have a recognizable body odor that can be fully explained by grooming, diet, or other environmental quirks. In fact, the study found, this person smell is distinctive enough that young adults can more often than not identify an old person by body odor alone.</p>
This isn totally surprising. Scientists have known for years that a broad range of animal species including mice, deer, otters, rabbits, and monkeys undergo body odor changes in adulthood, which may help the animals select suitable mating partners.</p>
As a child in Sweden, he often accompanied his mother to the nursing home where she worked, and he remembered a unique odor throughout the building. and gave a talk at a retirement home, he says. soon as I walked through the door, that exact same scent hit me.</p>
Lundstrm and his colleagues designed their study, which appears this week in the journal PLoS ONE, to explore whether there nfl football jerseys a biological basis for the smell. Then, after cutting the pads into pieces and placing them in glass jars, the researchers asked a separate group of 41 young adults to smell two samples back to back and determine which came from an older person.</p>
The young adults had trouble distinguishing between the young and middle age groups, but they were much more successful at singling out samples from the oldest group. In addition contrary to the stereotype of the old person smell the volunteers generally rated the samples from the oldest group as being less intense and less unpleasant than those from the youngergroups.</p>
The telltale odor couldn be chalked up to the older participants lifestyle or environment. The researchers asked all of the people who provided underarm pads to avoid scented soaps and shampoos, alcohol, tobacco, and certain foods and spices all of which can affect sweat and body odor. (They also excluded any pads that were obviously contaminated by soap, smoke, perfume, or other odors.)</p>
Although some of the participants in the older group were taking medications for chronic conditions such as high cholesterol and hypertension, none of these prescription drugs are known to alter body odor. Lundstrm suspects it also may be related to an accelerated rate of cell decay. cells die at a faster pace, they might give off a different odor that is unique to people with old age, he says.</p>
Another possibility is that the scent indicates an undiagnosed illness. Although the study participants were wholesale nfl jerseys china all outwardly healthy, some may have had underlying ailments that come naturally with oldage, Lundstrm says.</p>
If this last explanation pans out, body odor could ultimately prove useful in identifying certain diseases, perhaps even before existing tests can, Lundstrm says.</p>
Post death there is always an odd odour, but, pre death, and in the months before that, my staff would often comment that Mr. or Mrs. so in so had smell . not sure how to explain it, but, I guess perhaps moldy or musty would do.</p>
Another that death might be imminent, and this happened many times, was the change in position of their ear lobe! wholesale jerseys china I would be informed that someones ear lobe was way on examination, yep . it had slightly elongated and turned back with a crease in it . 9 times out of ten, the patient expired within 2 days to a week.</p>
Ahh . the subtleties of the human body.</p>
May 31, 2012 at 08:45</p>
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When I was a younger man, in my late teens as I recall, I worked in a nursing home. For the longest time when I went to work I noticed a strange odor that no one could explain not even a hygenist that was hired to determine its origin. It wasn an unpleasant odor but, it lingered in the entrance way and halls. Depending on how long one was in the building it left one in a state of olfactory fatigue. Now, I wonder perhaps it had been there all the time and we simply became a custom to it.</p>
May 31, 2012 at 11:17</p>
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An older friend visited me a while ago, and I hadn seen her for a while. I was repulsed by the smell. Although I felt bad about it, there it is. The rooms smelled that she spent time in, and the sofa even reeked for several days. I wound up having to burn incense because Dt5FW6a9x it was so repugnant. I couldn figure out why I know she showered, and she showered here as well. It something that comes out of the skin, I guess. I can even describe it. It was almost like a soured version of something. I became interested in the subject after that. I never really smelled that on anyone else. ... tID=525020<br> ... sg33626423<br></p>

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