Installing and Uninstalling Android Applications

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Installing and Uninstalling Android Applications

Post by carol » Sun Feb 24, 2013 3:21 pm

In your applications on your phone you will find a Play Store Icon
this gives you access to Google Play Store where you can find
millions of apps
Note; Be sure to check out the user ratings and check out the app carefully before downloading to your phone
(I use AVG free Mobile antivirus to scan my apps)
If you would like to use the free AVG Mobile you can find it in the app store! search for AVG free!

Installing Android Applications
In order to install an Android application onto your device,
Using the Applications Menu, open the Android Marketplace.(Google Play Store)
Here, any option from Applications to Games or Search may be accessed.
Use the Search to find a specific one or simply browse until you find some thing you like on the list.
Each application should come with its own rating and description.
Simply click on the application to view more details and click the Install button.
The next screen describes what it will require to work. Simply agree to the terms and it will be installed.

Uninstalling Android Applications
Uninstalling is as simple as it was to install it.
On your phone use the settings Icon then select Applications
then select manage applications
A list of installed applications will appear.
Select the one to be uninstalled and simply click Uninstall.
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