how not to bother your friends with your game post

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how not to bother your friends with your game post

Post by carol » Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:36 pm

copy and paste this to your wall so your friends that do not play games so you do not bother them with your game post if they follow these instructions they will not see your game post any more!!!

I play a number of games on FB - and it can be very irritating to some non-gamers! If this describes you, please place your mouse on my name above (don't click), wait for the window to appear, then move the mouse to "Friends" (also without clicking), then go to "Settings"; click there and you will see a list. Deselect the check mark by "Games" and any other posts you don't want to see from me. Now you wont be bothered with my gaming posts anymore. I still want to be connected to you but I do understand the annoyance of constant game posts!!
Thank you....
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