I am calling for an immediate mancott of YAZAK

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I am calling for an immediate mancott of YAZAK

Post by buginout » Mon Aug 06, 2007 6:08 pm

Like many of my black brothers I use Yazak to chat in the African American Rooms. With all the busy we African Americans throw yazak in those African American rooms why is there no pictures of brothers up on that room members list... just white faces... I want to see brothers icons or avatars on that members list wall!

Until I do I'm calling for an immediate Mancott of Yazak- Notice I don't say BOYcott because I don't respond to the name boy.

I notice on the Yazak page links to GERMAN Yazak pages... with the current racist attitude of yazak this doesn't surprise me at all!!!

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Post by carol » Thu Aug 09, 2007 2:05 am

Yazak is free to all with no Racist attitude in thought..
The icons are there to tell if the User is in the User list is Male or Female and has nothing to do with the Race of the User
The links to the German and Other Yazak Help Pages are there for Users to find Yazak help... I am sure if you had a Yazak Help Page and you let us know about it We would be happy to link to it from our Sites
Yazak has a Forum topic Yazak features you would like me to add on his forum :!:
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