What is Hedge? How to Make Hedge in Forex Market?

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What is Hedge? How to Make Hedge in Forex Market?

Postby doaausef3li » Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:33 am

What is Hedge? How to Make Hedge in Forex Market?

Hedge (hedging) is not as difficult and complex as the financial markets are thought to require advanced expertise. Hedging with a specific systematic approach may be a preferential procedure for the majority of individual investors.
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Hedge is mainly used for import and export business or foreign exchange or commodity risks of high-risk businesses to protect against risks.

In the forex market, we try to explain the hedge process which the individual investors use to protect against the financial risks as well as the hedge process and then try to explain the examples of how the hedge is made:

What is Hedge?

Hedge may be defined as opening up transactions in the direction of any foreign currency or commodity or financial position in order to protect against future financial risks.

Why is hedge made?

Hedge is frequently applied to solve the margin problem in the Forex market or to avoid being out of stop. We can say that this method is applied as a strategy rather than risk protection.
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In accordance with its core, the hedge transaction is carried out in order to protect against the developments that would put the activities of the commercial enterprise, especially export and importers, at risk. Exporters and importers, for example, face various risks from their debt and receivables to maturity date. In order to prevent these risks from being financially difficult, hedging is a type of insurance. Another example is for individual investors; The investor entering the long-term home debt of the dollar moves to hedge transactions in order to avoid payments above the limits of the exchange rate fluctuations.

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